The Lacoste Festival,

After the announcement of the Inn of Avignon 2021 festival, here is the turn of the municipality of Lacoste in the Vaucluse to reveal the content of its festival for this summer.

For this edition it will be an orphan Festival of its founder Pierre Cardin, who died on December 29, which will be held this year. It was the couturier’s nephew, Rodrigo Basilicati Cardin, who presented last week the 21st edition of the Lacoste Festival dedicated to theater, opera and dance.

The festival takes place every year under the sky of Provence in an unusual and memorable place that are the quarries of the castle of the Marquis de Sade.

From August 1 to 17, the second edition of the great musicals, presented by Patrick Poivre d´Arvor

The Lacoste Festival will begin on August 1st with “West Side Story” by Robert Wise

followed on August 2 by “Les Misérables” by Tom Hooper.

On August 3 “Chicago” by Rob Marshall, on August 4, Jacques Demy’s cult film “Les demoiselles de Rochefort”. August 5th will be a night out and disco with John Badham’s “Saturday Night Fever”, with Robert Stevenson’s joyous “Marry Poppins” taking over on August 6th. “Moulin Rouge” by Baz Luhrmann will close the ball of this musical film highlight on August 7th.

New this year, a musical short film will punctuate each evening as a preview of the feature film. Two prizes will be awarded, one professional worth € 5,000, the other public € 2,000.

The 21st edition of the Art of the Stage will follow, presented by Eve Ruggieri

On the program the jazzy Swedish singer Jay-Jay Johanson on August 8.

Reading of the Little Prince by Patrick Poivre d´Arvor accompanied on cello by Caroline Glory and on harp by Anja Linder on August 9.

On Wednesday August 11, enter “The dance of the galaxies” through an immersive Ballet on the secret life of the Universe.

A transidereal musical show with “hits from space” on August 13th.

The next day, Saturday August 14, a Homage to the great composer Astor Piazzolla, clarinet trio concert.

Then on August 15th a Musical Show with “The Opera Locos”.

The 21st edition of Performing Arts will end on August 17th with a traditional Cambodian dance with the Khmer Classical ballet.

All shows are free for children under 10

The Lacoste Festival